What Is GM’s Ultium Platform?

GM's Ultium Platform

Chevrolet has a vision for an all-electric future. That’s why Chevrolet is committed to putting every driver in an electric vehicle on a scale previously unseen and bringing the world to an all-electric future. GM’s new Ultium Platform will help put everyone in an EV, moving us closer to a world with zero emissions. Ultium is the basis of all upcoming electric Chevrolet models, like the Silverado and Equinox EV. Experience the power of the Ultium Platform now at your Chevy Indiana, Mike Anderson!

What Is Ultium? 

General Motors’ all-new modular Ultium Platform will be the heartbeat of our all-electric future. And thanks to Ultium’s pouch cell design, it will easily accommodate a wide range of EV styles and sizes. Ultium gives Chevrolet electric vehicles range, power, and flexibility for all. 

The GM Ultium Platform is the foundation of a modular, flexible EV lineup. It features modular battery and drive unit combinations. It is designed to make electric for everyone! For example, Ultium is flexible enough to build a wide range of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, cars, and commercial vehicles with outstanding design, performance, range, and affordability. It will first be outfitted on the all-new Chevy electric truck, the Silverado EV!

How Ultium Works 

With a modular, flexible design and a common cell across different vehicle types, the Ultium battery is the heart of the system. The system uses cells stacked vertically (on pickups and SUVs) or horizontally (on performance vehicles), allowing Chevy to build electric vehicles for every customer and segment.

GM created Ultium to power the Chevrolet all-electric future. Ultium Drive, made up of electric motors, single-speed transmissions, and their integrated power electronics, gives Chevy electric cars their power and torque.

Ultium’s Battery Management System 

Fewer wires equal less weight and a longer ranger when you’re out on the road. Moreover, GM will be the first automaker to use an almost completely wireless battery management system for EVs. The system will power multiple types of EVs from a common set of battery components and make Chevrolet batteries easier to reuse for second-life applications.

360 Degree Charging Infrastructure

GM’s holistic charging approach, Ultium Charge 360, will integrate charging networks, brand mobile apps, and other products and services. As the Chevrolet brand introduces more EVs, the goal is to simplify the overall charging experience for electric vehicle owners at home and in public.

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