What We Look For In Your Service Inspection

What Your Service Inspection Covers At Mike Anderson Chevrolet

Did you know that over half of all car owners are behind on maintenance in some aspect? Whether it is something as simple as an air filter to something much more serious, like critically low engine oil life, a well-maintained car is safer, more reliable, more efficient, and saves you unnecessary headaches down the line. Here at Mike Anderson Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on a top-to-bottom car inspection, leaving no stone left unturned.

After an inspection at Mike Anderson, your car is guaranteed to be in top condition. Read on to learn more about what our certified technicians look for when you roll into the shop!

The Little Things…

We understand, life can be busy! Sometimes, the seemingly small things are forgotten. Unfortunately, these little maintenance items can snowball into a major problem down the road.

We start by checking tire tread, wear, and alignment. Aging tires significantly reduce braking and traction performance, ultimately putting you and your vehicle at risk. Misalignment can impact fuel efficiency, driving experience, and drastically shorten the life of your tires! We perform a thorough inspection of your car’s tire and alignment systems. Time for new tires? Our service experts can help address your tires needs.

Wiper blades and a viewable windshield are crucial for safe driving! We also check the condition of all your blades, as well as inspecting your windshield for any cracks or chips that could develop into future problems. A small, easily patchable chip now could become a massive crack later on.

And The Big Things…

Everyone wants their automobile running at peak performance, so we carefully look under the hood of your car. Oil life is a critically important piece of your car functioning properly. For your next Chevy oil change, trust Mike Anderson. We check for lower oil life and can quickly change your oil, if necessary.

But oil isn’t the only fluid in your car! We also check the fluid levels of your car’s various components. From wiper fluid to brake fluid, we ensure everything is at adequate levels, and will happily top you off if you’re running low.

Failing brakes can be a scary thing, which is why we inspect all components of your car’s brakes. Fluid, hoses, lining, brake pad, even the parking brake—we help keep you safe on the road.

A dead battery ruins your day. With a quick inspection, we help you avoid it altogether! We quickly check the health of your battery, clean off corrosion, check the cables, and, if necessary, help you replace a failing battery. Not sure how to search for Chevy parts online? No problem! We can take care of that for you. Just fill out some quick and easy information on our website or give us a call and we’ll get you sorted out.

A Car Check-Up!

Looking for a Chevy Service Center near me? Here at Mike Anderson Chevy in Merrillville, we don’t believe in corner cutting, which is why we make every effort to inspect your car carefully and thoroughly, from top to bottom. Our Certified Service technicians are experts at maintaining your car and, if necessary, repairing it back to peak performance. Time for an oil change? Let us do a service inspection while you’re here. Just search for Chevy Dealer Indiana or a Chevy dealer near me!

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