Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

It’s the hottest part of summer. With the recent heat wave, you’re probably wondering how to keep car cool in summer. There are many things you can do to ward off the high temperatures and stay cool over the next few months. For all of your service needs, visit Mike Anderson Chevy Merrillville today!

1. Use A Sunshade

The go-to method of counteracting hot temperatures in your vehicle’s interior is to use a sunshade or window visor. Put the shade up every time you exit your vehicle, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It will help keep the inside cooler, especially if you use it on your rear window as well. 

2. Cover Your Steering Wheel

You can use a hand towel or even an old t-shirt to cover your steering wheel. Doing so will help decrease the contact temperature of your steering wheel, which is especially important if it’s wrapped in leather. 

3. Park In Shady Areas

It might not always be possible depending on your destination, but parking in a shady area can decrease temperatures as much as six degrees. Even if you have to walk a bit farther from the shady area, parking there will be so worth it when you don’t have to get back into a boiling hot vehicle. 

4. Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows 

Wondering do tinted windows keep car cooler? The short answer is yes. Window tints can be effective at helping your vehicle cool while under the sun. The tints reduce the amount of light that passes through the window, blocking the sun’s thermal rays. Some states prohibit window tints, so check that they are legal where you live and drive first. Check out a Chevy Service Center near me for your window tint appointment now!

5. Use A Dash Cover 

Covering your vehicle’s dash with a fabric or upholstered dash cover can do a lot to make your car’s interior cooler. Using a dash cover means you won’t have to touch hot vinyl surfaces and the A/C unit can kick into gear quicker. Dash covers also provide the added benefit of protecting your dash’s vinyl from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading.

Book Your Summer Service With Us!

At Mike Anderson Merrillville, we’ve got your summer maintenance needs covered—from window tints to servicing your vehicle’s air conditioning to purchasing Chevy parts like sunshades. Our service center offers extended hours so you can get on with your day without any hassle. If you’d like to wait for your vehicle to be serviced, we have free Wi-Fi and Starbucks coffee for you to enjoy. And if you need to run errands, Mike Anderson Chevrolet Of Merrillville has a number of free loaner cars for you to get behind the wheel. 

Visit Mike Anderson Merrillville!

Looking for a Chevy dealer near me? At Mike Anderson Chevy of Merrillville, we’ve got you covered! Along with our expert maintenance department, we have an expansive inventory of the latest Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as a great selection of used models. Most importantly, we have a staff of automotive experts and professionals to provide you with exceptional customer service no matter which department you need assistance from. Visit us to learn more about how to keep your vehicle cool this summer now!

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