What You Need In Your Car For A Safe Winter Season

Winter Car Safety Kit Checklist

Winter is in full swing, which means snow, ice, sleet, and low temperatures will be here for the next several months. It’s a good time to think about winter driving safety. Inclement winter driving conditions mean you need to know how to best operate your vehicle in safe and cautious ways as you hit the road and how to prepare your vehicle for the winter. We compiled some winter driving tips for you below, and you can also stop by Mike Anderson Merrillville for winter maintenance today! 

What Should Go In Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit

Your vehicle should always have a winter car safety kit, and it should have a few special things to make winter weather driving easier and safer. You should always at the very least have an ice scrape to deal with snow and ice build-up. To avoid getting stuck, other helpful items include a snow shovel, a broom, and abrasive material (sand or kitty litter). Your vehicle is more susceptible to breaking down in the winter, so it’s a good idea to have jumper cables, a flashlight, and some warning devices like flares and emergency markers. Lastly, you should keep a stash of personal safety items specifically for the winter: blankets or extra clothing for protection from the cold, a phone charger, water, food, and any necessary medicine. 

To summarize:

  • Ice scraper
  • Snow shovel
  • Broom
  • Abrasive material (sand or kitty litter)
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Flares or emergency markers
  • Blankets or extra clothing
  • Phone charger
  • Water, food, necessary medications

Clear Ice And Snow Before You Leave 

A key way to stay safe in the winter is to make sure your windshield is free from any ice or snow blockages. You can make it easier by starting your vehicle before you pull out your brush. Setting the temperature console to defrost on the highest temperature and intensity setting will help melt some of the snow and ice quickly, so you won’t hurt yourself or tire yourself out from scraping all of the ice off your windshield, mirrors, and windows. 

Slow Things Down 

We know this is basic, but it’s easy to forget it as soon as we’re running late for work or have only a short time to run errands. Reducing your speed can make a huge difference for your winter driving safety, especially while driving in snow. Ice patches can be anywhere, and black ice means you won’t always be able to tell where danger awaits. Slowing down will also make up for the reduced traction wheels have in the winter and prevent your wheels from sliding on ice. You should also leave additional space between your vehicle and other vehicles or objects around you. 

Winterize Your Vehicle With Winter Maintenance 

Winter maintenance is key to enhancing your winter driving safety. Getting special winter gear and accessories can help your safety and convenience in inclement weather. Depending on your needs, winter maintenance might include investing in new wiper blades, refilling your car’s fluids, or installing a cold weather car battery. Schedule your winter maintenance today! 

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