How to Get a College Student and Graduate Discount from Chevrolet

Chevy College Discount Program

College life can be tough, juggling classes, exams, and extracurricular activities. Transportation shouldn’t add to the challenges, which is why Chevrolet is making it easier for college students with the Chevy College Discount Program. This program is designed to provide reliable mobility at an affordable price, allowing students to get to class or important job interviews with ease. Take advantage of the Chevy Student Discount at Mike Anderson Merrillville today! 

What is the Chevy College Discount Program?

In partnership with GM college appreciation, Chevrolet offers college students a substantial discount on new Chevrolet vehicles through the Chevy College Discount Program. This program aims to assist current college students, nursing school students, and recent college graduates in making a wise investment that will benefit them for years to come. Eligible participants can purchase or lease a new Chevy vehicle at a discounted price lower than the vehicle’s MSRP. To qualify, students need to provide proof of current enrollment or a diploma dated no more than two years prior to the purchase or lease of the vehicle. Students can purchase or lease up to two vehicles per calendar year through this program.

The Benefits of Having a Car in College

Owning a car in college brings numerous advantages and convenience. Easy access to transportation can significantly simplify your life and provide flexibility. Here are some great benefits of having a car in college:

  • Hassle-free Holiday Travel: Traveling during the holidays can be hectic and expensive. With your own car, you have the freedom to travel home or anywhere else on your terms, without relying on crowded buses or costly flights.
  • Access to Off-Campus Opportunities: Having a car opens up possibilities for off-campus internships or job opportunities. It allows you to expand your professional horizons, gaining valuable experience and networking outside of the campus environment.
  • Breaks and Getaways: College life can be demanding, and it’s essential to take occasional breaks. With a car, you can easily explore nearby areas, attend concerts, dine out with friends, or visit family and friends in neighboring towns. It provides the freedom to recharge and create memorable experiences.

An Affordable Solution for College Students

Chevrolet understands the challenges that college students face and aims to alleviate the burden of transportation through the Chevy Graduate Discount. This program empowers students with the opportunity to own or lease a new Chevrolet vehicle at a discounted price, making reliable mobility accessible and affordable. Additionally, recent graduates can seamlessly transition into post-college life with the convenience of a car. Explore the Chevy College Discount Program at Mike Anderson Chevy and enjoy the benefits of reliable and affordable transportation throughout your college journey and beyond.

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